I am a photographer, based in Berlin, Germany. My main areas of interest are the urban topography and the remains of our industrialized past.

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Bauhaus Archive, Berlin

ISO 100, f8 @ 28mm, 15:30, 1/250sec.
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© Markus Lehr, 2014

Night, the beloved

A new addition to my series: Opening Nights

ISO 200, f8 @ 28mm, 23:13, 30sec.
© Markus Lehr, 2014

Now and then there comes a time
for a bit of shameless self-promotion. 

I hope you forgive me this one today:

A few days ago my images on the internet have been clicked one million times. Thank you very much for this and even more for all your encouragement and your great comments. I do appreciate it a lot!

I have been featured on a few blogs lately. If you are interested or may want to read an interview about my latest series “Notes from the rust belt” please click here: http://www.markuslehr.com/news/

Finally I will take part in a group exhibition about urban photography in Berlin (see above). Unfortunately the website is only in German: http://www.berlin-photography.de/index_de.php but I will be there and I’d love to give you a very warm welcome if you can come.

In a bit of a celebration mood about all this I have chosen the three images below for a limited edition print series. Please click here for the details:http://www.markuslehr.com/prints/

Between the devil and the deep brown grounds

ISO 100, f6.3 @ 19mm, 23:04, 30sec.
© Markus Lehr, 2014

The forest

ISO 100, f11 @ 26mm, 00:17, 20sec.
© Markus Lehr, 2014

Shades of an evening

ISO 100, f8 @ 28mm, 21:50, 1.3sec.
© Markus Lehr, 2014

Dreaming of volcanoes in my garden

ISO 200, f5.6 @ 28mm, 23:48, 95sec.
© Markus Lehr, 2014

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